Five years!

by | May 10, 2021 | Business, Events

Five years!

Sponge Hammer is five years old! WHAT?! Saying it out loud makes it sound unreal. It feels like last week when I decided to register a company to provide development services much better than anyone else. 

Early on, I set the framework that would underline everything we do. I am pleased that we managed to stay true to those. What’s changed is our understanding of what those values mean and how they work in practice. They turned us into a well functioning group. We trust each other, learn from each other, adapt to challenges, look out for each other and solve challenging problems.

The pandemic

Last year brought many challenges, most of which are still present. The world has stopped; we have seen many tragedies and hope at the end of the tunnel. Although it is some time away, we hope for getting back to normal, which may be tricky as we live in multiple countries, each facing its own challenges.

The pandemic also helped us to understand how resilient our remote working practices can be. If you’ve spoken with me, I am sure I mentioned that we ace remote work. Thanks to our effort to communicate well and our shared values mentioned above, we managed to sail reasonably well.

Although a few people left us during the year, we managed to grow the backend development services side of our business. We had a few brilliant minds joining us and contributing to our success.


We have been working with Rare on Sea of Thieves for some time now. We design and develop backend features to support new content and features. The game won a BAFTA this year in the best evolving game category. I’d like to think we contributed to this fantastic achievement. 

We also took on more game development work and helped multiple Unity projects in the last year. Unfortunately, due to NDAs, I can’t say more about these at this time.

Last year our sister company, Sponge Hammer Games, started a new project in response to a specific problem that can provide a safe digital space, entertainment and education to small children. It’s been progressing well. The project is charming and makes us smile every day. Also, we started sharing information on the product’s social media pages and even have a newsletter that comes with a gift for your little ones. 


This year we’ll continue on the path we set out on: help our clients, solve interesting problems and have fun while doing so. To do that, we’ll grow, offer new services and will have fun along the way. You can hear about our journey by following our blog and keeping an eye on our social media channels for exciting content, including news and announcements.

If you fancy joining us or need help with any of your projects, feel free to reach out. 

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