About Us

Sponge Hammer is a UK based work for hire software developer. Our approach to software development makes us unique as we advocate good practices and combine that with development experience, great communication and our ability to get things done.

What We Do

We offer various services for clients to choose from depending on their particular needs.


We offer a range of services around designing and developing software. We can review any design, code or systems or we can get our hands dirty and write the code ourselves. Prototyping, systems design, programming, server design and development, games development, games related software developer (tools, pipelines, exporters) are a few examples of what we can help with. Due to the work we have done in the server space we take software security seriously and we are happy to share our experience.


Development support

Getting the code flow safely through source control and sorting out builds can be a bottleneck for development teams. We can review, design and implement code building, continuous integration and automated testing pipelines. We advocate automated testing, style checking and code builds to ensure consistent code quality. We believe in reducing human performed actions in producing builds and deployments as it makes processes more robust and repeatable.


Team management

We have extensive experience in running development teams for companies such as Codemasters and FreeStyle Games/Activision. We offer to review existing methods, propose changes or help implementing those. Sometimes in management an external perspective can make a significant difference. We are also happy to share our knowledge around remote working best practices and help implementing those.


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You can find us in the Althorpe Enterprise Hub.

Althorpe St
Leamington Spa
CV31 2GB

01926 333246


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