Games, Servers, Web and Mobile

Sponge Hammer Ltd is an international work for hire software developer.
We focus on latest technologies and best development practices with the goal of improving software all over the world.
Since 2016 we have been helping companies to achieve their goals.

What we do

Team Extension

Lack of staffing or resources can limit the capabilities of an organisation. If you have a project that requires extra help or expertise, our adaptable team can work with your in-house developers to help you achieve your goals.

Whether your project lasts a few months or several years, our skilled developers and associates are there to make sure your project delivers on time.

Mobile apps, games, tools and server software development are examples of some of the programs we can help with.

Software Development

Your business might need bespoke software but lack the in-house resource or know-how. This is where outsourcing is a good idea. We offer a range of services around bespoke software development, including designing, building and even managing the entire project on your behalf using our in-house teams. We follow a structured delivery process according to your goals and provide regular progress updates throughout the project.

Servers, games and games-related software (tools, pipelines and exporters) using our Tech Stack are a few examples of software development we can help with.


Having the right software in place is vital to healthy business development and growth. Our software development consulting service helps you plan for future software iterations, discover new, more efficient implementation and improve software development processes. The result? Your business working to its full potential.

We also provide short-term mentoring and training for internal staff and teams, usually delivered at our clients’ premises.

Why Choose us?


We’re honest about our abilities and the work we do. That means providing impartial advice, even if it results in recommending another supplier. We evaluate your business’s needs and respond accordingly.


We constantly train ourselves in the latest software development, design and management practices and challenge each other to be experts in our field. We deliver this technical expertise in your projects, so you’ll always benefit from the latest knowledge.

Best practices

We’re advocates of utilising the right workflows and development methods to make sure projects are always delivered on time and to the highest quality. Quite simply, it’s about doing things properly (the only way we know how).


You’ll benefit from our years of software development experience, the value of which will be evident in your project. We’re also experienced in working with teams of all sizes, both in-house and remotely, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.