What Devs Listen to While Working

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Music, Programming

New research from Accountemps shows that 71% of employees believe that listening to music can increase their performance.

Chart of how music affecting performance
Survey of how music affecting performance during work

In our case, fortunately, listening to music cannot bother the other colleagues as we all work remotely. I’ve asked the developers at Sponge Hammer about the music they listen to while programming.


I usually listen to metal or punk music. Usually, I put on YouTube with talks related to programming or tech and also some music, anything with guitar play in there.

Mexican concert metal
Photo by Victor Cayke from Pexels


When I’m coding, I always choose fast-paced music that locks the outside world entirely out. My favourites are Trance and DJ remixes. These rev me up so much that I can be extremely efficient.


This isn’t straight forward for me as I spend hours with creating music, therefore, I cannot listen to anything in the background. For easy tasks that don’t require too much thinking I put Trance on, for tasks requires some level of thinking I use nature sounds.

River Rothay Grasmere England
River Rothay in Grasmere – Robert Mucsi-Kurinyecz


Usually, I listen to progressive music. It goes to the background, not bothering me, but revving me up in the meantime. Deep techno, downtempo mixed with other music (like Klangstrahler).


I listen to the same type of music for a couple of years. In my case, it means I listen to the same album for a year or two on low volume with noise cancelling. Last two years was Nightwish & 30 Seconds to Mars.

Nightwish concert in O2, London, UK.
Nightwish O2 London – Robert Mucsi-Kurinyecz


I go for pop music, like Taylor Swift or Magdi Ruzsa. If the job is complicated, I change it to dance, without vocals as the lyrics can distract me.


I listen to every type of music, based on my mood. When a task requires much thinking, silence is the best. Anything with vocals can be distracting.


Most of our devs are listening to music during coding unless the task requires a high level of attention and thinking. Every one them believes that music enhances their performance, but it depends on the mood and task.

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