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by | Feb 2, 2021 | Business

As you may have noticed, we recently rolled out a new website design for Sponge Hammer. Our goal with the new design is to have the right amount of information displayed in an easily digestible way.

The original site had all the necessary information about the company. Unfortunately, over the years it became obsolete and it needed a facelift.
One of the biggest challenges was to reduce the amount of text and replace it with visual elements. Another challenge was that we wanted to keep the original colours whilst changing the whole theme.


As a service company, it isn’t easy to talk about the projects we are working on. In the new design, we were able to include a couple of them as references.

Our tech stack and ‘working with us’ page had to wholly redesigned to have all the information visually display. It is more transparent, and the visitors can see all the information quickly.

Working with us page
Working with us page

Our weekly 5 links post took over the blog, so we decided to separate them from the other blog posts.

5 links blog posts
5 Links Posts

On the ‘Join Us’ page, we have the open positions displayed, and the candidates can send their applications directly.

Join us page
Join us page

It was a great experience to revamp the website and we definitely learned a lot during the process.

What do you think about it? Let us know your opinion to help us improve it even more in the future.

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