Meet the Team: Marta Stawrowska, 3D Animator

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Marta Stawrowska, 3D Animator

Marta works on an unannounced project for one of our clients, Rare. She loves her job and wouldn’t change it at all. In her free time she likes video games, making amazing cakes and something completely unique. Read on to find out more.

Can you tell me about your journey to the games industry?

I’ve always liked games, board games, video games, fantasy and sci-fi books. I was studying fine arts, specialising in advertisement. After a few years I got tired of it, so I started to do some freelance work. I wasn’t experienced, and it was only part-time, but I searched for more work and I learned a lot. After a few companies, I landed at a company where they were lacking animators, so I agreed to try myself at that. One of the animators had some time and showed me the basics. I started using Maya and I liked it very much. It was an amazing experience for me. After that, I went to courses and ended up as a full-time 3D Animator.

What do you like most about working for Sponge Hammer?

I’m a newbie here at Sponge Hammer, but I’m surprised how nice everyone is to me. In the beginning, I was worried about working from home full-time, but I really wanted to try it. It was one of my big dreams to work for a company abroad. At Sponge Hammer I don’t feel like I’m sitting at home alone, but that I’m working closely with my colleagues despite the distance. I don’t feel like I’m separated and alone.

If you could learn anything, what would that be?


That would be cool! The idea of turning into a huge werewolf and running around in the forest sounds cool. Becoming super strong and fast or turning to something that can fly or breathe underwater is an amazing idea.

Werewolf in the woods

Could you tell me a few things about your role as a 3D animator?

My role is to create a pleasant animation for the characters, to bring them to life. For example, I work very closely with the design team to make sure that all the combat animations are at a place in the game. But my role is more than that. In combat, I need to ensure that my animations show the players what type of attack the monster will use and when they can parry or dodge. Also, I need to ensure that the animations give the character’s personality, making them live and realistic.

So, basically, someone creates the 3D models and characters, another person rigs them [creates a skeleton for a 3D model so it can move], and after that, I fine-tune the animation. One thing I really don’t like is when the rigging is badly done because it makes my job 100% times more difficult. What I most love in my job is to see the models come to life, when they get the personality, the characteristics just by animation. From simple, walking and moving robotic-like models, I create the characters and they come alive.

Tell me something surprising about yourself.

I’m a mermaid in my spare time.

I was on holiday years ago and spent a lot of time in the shallow water examining the marine life, little crabs and fish on the bottom. During swimming, I felt peace and it was extremely relaxing.

Marta as a mermaid

If you want to be a mermaid, you just need to learn how to swim, you need a monofin and a mermaid instructor who will teach you. Tick all of those boxes and you can become a pretty Mermaid or a handsome Triton. And you can consider each session a diving experience. On higher levels you will learn how to hold your breath longer, dive 5 metres deep and so on. 

You can swim in a regular swimming pool with your monofin, but of course, it is much better to do that in open water. Here in Warsaw, we have Europe’s deepest swimming pool, called Deep Spot, so you can get the kind of open water experience there throughout the year.

I tried meditation and yoga and many other exercises to relax my mind and body, and I found my inner peace swimming as a mermaid. The water pressure, the slow swimming with the monofin give a completely different experience. It’s an amazing way to relax.

If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

I’d love to live someplace where you have both mountains and a beautiful sea with coral reefs. Not too hot, not too cold. Definitely somewhere less industrial, close to nature and quiet. But it’s also nice to have a lot of friends around.

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