Last Week in 5 Links #96

by | Jan 14, 2022 | FiveLinks

This week’s selection has HTTP cats, Git techniques, Git co-pilot, a Witcher character comparison and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review, all handpicked by Rudolf Major.


I am extremely picky about the HTTP status codes as a web developer. This is a fun way to display the different statuses. And I love cats 🙂

Cat in a box

Git Techniques

I believe that every developer should know GIT inside and out, but based on my personal experience, the reality is far from that. Most of the devs aren’t diving in deeply to GIT to have extensive knowledge. In this video, you can learn helpful tricks and you can supercharge your development workflow.

Git Co-pilot

How much can an AI do to help you code? A lot, actually. The video goes through actual cases to show you the AI’s support. Even tho, it’s an AI and we know how it works, sometimes it feels like magic is happening on the screen when it does coding instead of you.

The Witcher – Character Comparison

I loved watching this comparison video of the characters from the books, the games and the series. When a book or game adaptation makes it to the screen, I always wonder how much they keep from the original characters. They did a good job choosing the actors for the series, in my opinion.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Review

First of all, this monitor is HUGE! I would love to have 4 of these to have a full circle, haha! It’s ultra-wide, you can eliminate multiple monitor setups and it’s just beautiful. Impressive!

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