Last Week in 5 Links #95

by | Dec 9, 2021 | FiveLinks

In this week’s selection, we have nature simulation, a browser extension that shows dislikes on YouTube, a Blender short movie, the artwork of Tell me why and under-display cameras, all handpicked by Adam Kovacs.

Two Minute Papers – Nature Simulation

I am working on a similar project in my free time. It is a nature simulation game, and I find the subject fascinating. Just think about it! You are simulating the magic of nature on a computer created by humans! And I like the channel’s scientific approach as well.

Return YouTube Dislike

This is a browser extension, which shows the dislikes on YouTube. I really don’t like that YouTube has decided to hide the dislike count, and they made it hard to spot fraudulent videos and dangerous content. Their explanation of removing dislike counts helps with bullying doesn’t seem to stand, they left the ability to comment on videos, didn’t they?

Dislike thumb

Spright Fright – Blender

This is a short movie that shows the potential of the current Blender technology. Two minutes of pure fun.

Tell Me Why – Book of Goblins Art

This is the stunning artwork of the game. I happened to play this through last week and I loved the artwork. I think the story could have been better, it had its potential, but overall I liked the game very much.

Tell me why book of goblins
Tell me why – Book of goblins

Under-Display Cameras

I think it is scary that you don’t realise you are facing a camera because you can’t see the camera with naked eyes. The video is about that new technology that adds front cameras to phones without a notch‚ÄĒbasically hiding them behind the pixels.

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