Last Week in 5 Links #93

by | Nov 2, 2021 | FiveLinks

In this week’s selection, we have drums, a police video, The Witcher S2 trailer, UK’s pig problem and global warming, all handpicked by me.

Noble & Cooley Drums

The title caught my eyes as they have been in business for over 160 years. That is seven generations! I can’t even imagine how they survived. I hate that big giants are destroying small businesses all across the globe. I used to work for a 100 years old bakery in Lewes, and it was a shame that it went bankrupt as it couldn’t compete with the supermarkets.

Parent Aware – Searching Rooms

Two things happened when I watched this video. First, I felt ashamed by the idea of reading my kid’s diary or journal. That is such a breach of trust! The second one was a scary thought: will I ever need to do this? My parents have never searched my room and I had similar thoughts, that I won’t do that either. However, watching this just made me realise that what if I cannot avoid it? Will I do that in order to protect them?

The Witcher – Season 2

I haven’t played with the games yet but enjoyed the first season very much. I cannot wait for the second one. It will be aired on the 17th of December. Like a Christmas present 🙂 .

Three degrees of Global Warming

I think the temperature raising is not being communicated the right way. When you see in the news that the temperature raised one degree, you don’t think about the devastating effects. I chose this video because it explains well how the planet will look like if the temperature goes up three degrees. It is petrifying.

Thousands of Pigs Die in Vain

I still can’t get my head around the after-effects of Brexit. When almost one billion people are starving on the planet, the farmers are forced to slaughter thousands of pigs and throw the meat away.
I have no words to comment this.

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