Last Week in 5 Links #90

by | Oct 8, 2021 | FiveLinks

In this week’s selection, we have submarine fibre optic cables, a new plugin for Blender, VICE News’ report, Atlantis’ thirstiest birthday and International Coffee Day, all handpicked by Matyas Terstyanszky.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

Honestly, I thought there were only a few cables around the planet submerged. But, when I saw this tweet, my jaw dropped. So many cables around the planet, I loved the visual display of the Earth surrounded by wires.

New Plugin for Blender

I found this very interesting. The plugin is a random mesh generator – called Random Flow – designed for fast and easy hard surface prototyping. You can generate a completely random sci-fi environment with it.

The Future of Work: A VICE News Report

I watched this video a few days ago, and I enjoyed it very much, especially when the lorry drivers met the self-driving lorry. Thousands or hundreds of thousands of the present jobs will disappear in the future because of robotics and AI development. On the other hand, many new positions will appear on the market, as all those machines and software need engineers to maintain them.


A few weeks ago we had a demoparty and Atlantis, a group of talented programmers, celebrated their 30th birthday. They brought 700 beers (thirsty) for the event while we were watching their 8 mins demo! So cool!

Image from

International Coffee Day

We are programmers; most of us live on coffee and crisps. According to the International Coffee Organization, the country that drinks the most coffee is Finland.

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

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