Last Week in 5 Links #89

by | Sep 27, 2021 | FiveLinks

In this week’s selection, we have Kena: Bridge of Spirits, climate change, apple pies, a new roadmap from the government to hire overseas talent and Star Wars – in a different style, all handpicked by Csaba Berenyi.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Photo Mode

The game looked lovely when the first trailer came out. I have been keeping an eye on it ever since. These days, games have photo mode implemented, and I think this one raised the bar. Small touches make all the difference. Have a look!

Climate Emergency: Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Let me spoil it for you: No. But there’s hope. The Kurzgesagt youtube channel, which makes excellent explainer videos, released probably the best summary of the seemingly unsolvable puzzle of climate change. I enjoyed it even though the subject is genuinely terrifying.

Star Wars: A Hungarian Fairytale

I love this. Marton Adam Marton, a Hungarian concept artist, mixed an old Hungarian cartoon style with Star Wars. The result is a bit weird, but it works. Since Lucasarts recently allowed Japanese creators to touch the Star Wars universe, I wonder if they’d be open for European creators to do the same. It would be great to see how a Nordic, Slavic or Hungarian version would look.

Apple Pies

It’s autumn, pie season, and I make a killer apple version. Well, it won’t kill you, but it does taste great. This video shows a couple of alternatives to the classic short-crust pastry one. So have a look, and then get started with baking.

Hiring overseas talent: a New Roadmap from the Government

Hiring overseas talent is, let’s say, cumbersome, at least. The current process makes it very hard to manage and frankly unworkable for most small businesses. The government published a roadmap to make the process more streamlined. They will implement the following. (taken from the page)

  • further reduce processing times to enable UK businesses and educational institutions to become sponsors and attract global talent faster
  • re-use information the government already has on a sponsor, where possible, to make it easier for sponsors to use the system
  • improve accessibility of the system through creation of an online dashboard for sponsors; making it easier for them to understand the status of their sponsorship licence and the actions they need to take

Unfortunately, this will still mean SME’s will be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing overseas talent. 

Photo by Yury Kim from Pexels

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