Last Week in 5 Links #88

by | Sep 10, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week’s selection has the Masters of the Universe, global temperature rising, music, Bento boxes and Opuntia cactus from Majorca, all handpicked by Patrik Patassy.

Masters of the Universe Revelation

It was one of my favourite childhood’s cartoons. I had a VHS with many episodes. It was in English and I couldn’t understand a single word of it. Still, I loved the series. I can’t wait to watch it on Netflix.

Global Temperature Rising

It was shocking for me to see this chart. I was born in 92 and it has increased by 1 Celsius degree since. It is incredible how fast it changes that and there is still nothing we do about it. And ‘we’ I meant all the governments and humans on the planet.

Pannonia Allstars

Someone shared this on the music channel. I haven’t heard the song for over a decade, despite it is one of my favourites.

Bento Boxes

I have never seen those boxes before. They look amazing, neat and delicious.

Opuntia Cactus Majorca

I loved them! It was a decade ago when I first met with this fruit, and I had no idea it was from a cactus. I hadn’t realised the thorns until I grabbed them. It was a painful experience, but at least the thorns got into my palm and not my mouth, haha.

Opuntia Cactus Majorca

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