Last Week in 5 Links #87

by | Sep 2, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have a selection of chocolate Demogorgon from Stranger Things, the ‘One of those days’ from Yehuda Devir, a climate report about the Gulf Stream, a Spanish kid’s song and South African cuisine all handpicked by Anett Kindl.

Chocolate Demogorgon

I have been following Amaury Guichon for a while now and I’m amazed by his art. Most of us love Stranger Things here, and watching how he makes this scary monster from chocolate is mind-blowing. I wouldn’t be able to eat it, for sure.

Yehuda Devir – One of Those Days

He is my favourite artist and I love the series. Extremely realistic but funny at the same time. What is magical about his drawings is that a single piece tells a whole story. And they aren’t just realistic, but super fun too.

Yehuda Devir – TEDX Talks

Climate Crisis – Gulf Stream Collapse

Talking and doing something about global warming is very important. We can read every day something terrifying about what will happen in the future or how much the crisis accelerates every month or year. Let’s talk about it! Let’s do something about it!

The Gulf Stream
The Gulf Stream

Little Butterfly – Mariposita

We were on holiday in August and we stayed with our colleague, Robert. They have a baby girl and she loves this song. I listened to this in the house, in the car, on the beach, literally everywhere. I found myself singing the song a week later, so here you go, a lovely baby song for you :-).

Crow’s Nest – Pork Ribs

Crow’s Nest is one of my favourite restaurants. Their South African dishes are delicious, and the service they provide is flawless. It is a family run business, and they are all about quality. Their 600gr ribs is a flavour-bomb. Tender, juicy, and no matter how full you are, you want to continue eating it. If you visit Majorca, the Crow’s Nest is a must-try restaurant.

Crow’s Nest – South African Pork Ribs

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