Last Week in 5 Links #81

by | Jul 14, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have the 25th anniversary of Quake, a Typescript tip, unhealthy diet for a month, storytelling and the new photo editing law for influencers from Norway in our selection, all handpicked by Leon Alexis.

25th Anniversary of Quake

We are in the gaming industry and I chose this article because Quake defined the FPS genre twenty-five years ago. I’m old enough to remember the original game. I wish I could say I was too young to know about it, hahaha. I remember playing a lot with Wolfenstein 3D, and when Quake came out, it was nothing I have seen before graphically.

Quake Symbol

Typescript Tip

I thought it’s an interesting little trick you can do with Typescript. I had no idea you could do that. It will show you how to merge union types into every possible combination using template literal types.

Doctor Eats Unhealthy for a Month

I’ve found this really interesting to see the effects that processed food can have on your body. During the lockdown, I’ve changed my eating habit as well, so I try not to eat anything processed. However, it is part of our culture, and it is hard to ignore it. My family was always cooking, but when I got older, I got lazy. So I put some weight on. One day I realised the extra pounds and I started to eat more healthy. I could relate to this video very much.

Do you have a story?

I just thought that was really interesting. You can always take something away from that kind of video. I enjoyed it so much when they showed the process behind writing a story for a movie or show.

Influencer Photo Editing Law

Everything is driven by social media today in the world. We are getting to the stage now where it can get dangerous for the younger generations. Influencers often paint the perfect picture about themselves and their young followers become insecure, because they feel that they aren’t perfect. In my opinion, it is becoming a real problem for society. This new law in Norway is coming into force that will mean social media influencers can’t post modified photos without declaring what they’ve done. I hope other countries will follow.

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