Last Week in 5 Links #80

by | Jul 7, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week in our selection: Black Lagoon from Netflix, The Gulf of Mexico is on fire, a week worth of food prepared, heatwave in Canada and Dying Light 2. All handpicked by me.

Black Lagoon

This one is a gem! Interesting characters, well-written dialogue, packed with action and overall, it is entertaining. Found it on Netflix a few weeks ago and I just put it on for background noise but got interested straight away.

The Gulf of Mexico is on Fire

I lost count of how much damage we already caused to The Gulf in recent years. When will we stop this? Why can’t we move away from fossil fuels?

Fire on water

Bento Boxes – One Week.

I can’t even make a plate of food look attractive. The way she prepares the food is spectacular. The result looks amazing. For me, this is very close to art.

Heatwave in Canada

We are watching the world burn. 45 degrees in Canada is mental. I live in Majorca and just read the forecast that a heatwave is coming for the weekend and they predict the temperature will hit 45 degrees celsius. It is hot but common here. But in Canada! I can’t imagine that.

The temperature hit 45 degrees celsius in Canada

Dying Light 2 – Stay Human

I played a lot with the original. The game has a fast-paced flow with parkour elements. Most of the time, you run from the zombies, especially during the night, so you never stop. However, judging by the trailer, 2 will be more like a stealth-action game. Is that going to add extra to the game or it will take away the fast-action gameplay completely?

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