Last Week in 5 Links #78

by | Jun 23, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have Visual Studio Code, 3D renders, Chinese takeout dinners, Stranger Things 4 and a Netflix hack in our selection, all handpicked by Rudolf Major.

Visual Studio Code – Multi-Cursor

This article explains how the multi-cursor works. I have been using it for a while now, and it helps a lot in the development. It is straightforward to use, but many times others’ look surprised when I use it. It is a great feature, indeed. I can recommend it to everyone as you can save time using it.

Multi-Cursor key commands

Top 100 3D Renders

This is a real gem. I have a screen on the wall and usually, I run a calming video on it as a background. This one is easing my mind and help me concentrate on work. The author of the video ran a community challenge and he chose the top 100 from the results. He created an animation and the community delivered 2400 ‘alternate realities’.

3 Chinese Takeout Dinners you Can Make at Home

Homemade Chinese food. Not much I can add. I love Asian food. I have a friend who used to live there and he made amazing Indonesian sushi and I loved it.

Stranger Things 4 Trailer

I can’t wait to see season 4. I check Netflix every day to see if it’s available, but of course not. I’m very excited. I would also rather say this one is more like a teaser, not a trailer.

Netflix Search Options

I didn’t know that you can search Netflix by subtitle or audio language. It’s a standard built-in function, but I only learned about it last week.

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