Last Week in 5 Links #75

by | Jun 2, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have coolers, a character controller, UFO dossiers, wind energy and Covid-19 in our selection, all handpicked by Janos Szabo.

Special Ventilators

I love this guy’s content! In this episode, he is testing a fan-made fan (haha). He provided a framework, and many of his followers sent him their blueprint ideas. The one in the video is…unique in many ways. It looks like a fancy watch with all the moving gears and blades when you put it all together.

Physics-Based Character Controller in Unity

UX has a critical role in every game. Controlling an object which has good physics is hard. In this video, they solved many problems and the character controller is superb.

UFO Dossiers

Pentagon has recently confirmed the authenticity of several UFO videos. I like these kinds of stories and videos because they have a connection to reality. These happened for real. It makes a huge difference when creditable people confirms the authenticity of these videos.


Solid State Wind Energy

I have been thinking about moving to a sustainable house from the block of flats for years. I am highly interested in green energy. I approached companies in the past to install solar panels or wind energy turbines to the roof of the block, but – unfortunately – it didn’t happen. In this video, they talk about new wind turbine technology. Seems very useful.

Bitter Taste – Lower Covid risk?

It is an interesting article. Covid is still #1 in the news and we get to know more and more about it. Is it real, that being highly sensitive to bitter taste can mean lower Covid risk?

Celery –

This is a post in the Last Week in 5 Links series. We share a lot of interesting videos, articles and other types of content in our internal chat. We thought some of the info we come across could come in handy for others too. So each week we post five of the links we shared between ourselves in the previously selected by one of our team.

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