Last Week in 5 Links #73

by | May 17, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week in our selection we have meteotsunamies, Mass effect Legendary Edition, spicy tofu stew with beef, Tesla’s Bitcoin stop and Stranger Things season 4 teaser, all picked up by me.

Climate Change – More Meteotsunamis

Living on an island close to the sea always makes me think about tsunamis. On a healthy level, of course. However, it isn’t unrealistic to think about it as three years ago one hit the south coast and claimed one life. Air pressure disturbances caused it after a severe thunderstorm.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of my favourite game (and story) is Mass Effect. Except for Andromeda. That one just didn’t work for me. I played through the first game many times, the second a few times and the third only once. It has interesting characters, one of the best stories in games and the detail in their world-building is incredible. I think Mass Effect has one of the best stories written for video games, along with StarCraft or Half-Life.

Mass Effect 1

Spicy Tofu Stew with Beef

I love Asian food. The dishes look fantastic, taste amazing, and are so different from the food I usually eat. I really want to cook this soon. Maybe now?!

Tesla Not Accepting More Bitcoin

I’m not a cryptocurrency or blockchain expert; however, I learned the basics through the news. Also, Janos (our Bitcoin expert) loves the subject and always tries to educate us about it. For me, there is a discrepancy in this. Tesla invests 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. Three months later, they decided not to accept Bitcoin due to its significant energy use and contribution to speed up global warming. What?

Tesla charger

Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser

The first season was my favourite, because of the dark and weird atmosphere. The other two seasons were okay(ish). I can’t wait to see the fourth one, and I hope it will be as good as the first.

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