Last Week in 5 Links #72

by | May 10, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week in our selection, we have wired vs wireless mouse, the Biomutant trailer, the Sweet Tooth trailer from Netflix, Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage and SpaceX from Elon Musk, all handpicked by Laszlo Nemet.

Wired vs Wireless Mouse

I am not a competitive player. At all. I had no idea that the 16 ms delay on a wireless mouse can be important for anyone. 16 ms. You can’t even notice that. Okay, I get it. In esport, it can matter (can it?), but honestly, 16 ms is only one or two frames (depends on actual fps). For me, that is so little time to make any difference in a game.

Biomutant Trailer

They nailed the cuteness of that little thingy. Not my type of game, though, but I love the art style. The only mystery in the trailer that he is holding the toilet brush in his left hand. Why? The gameplay looks interesting, and I will give it a go in the future.

Sweet Tooth Trailer

I couldn’t tell by the trailer if this is a series or a movie. I like the fantasy genre and this one is convincing. The actor’s list is impressive too. I can’t wait to watch it. Especially, because of the protagonist with the cute antlers.

Game Builder Garage

I like the idea of teaching kids programming. I spent a lot of time explaining the whole ‘writing code and creating games’ to my daughter, but this one is more visual, more engaging for the kids. It amazes me that they can create games without programming knowledge.

SpaceX Landing

I like the way Elon Musk approaches everything. He is truly way ahead of our time—a visionist. I believe that he will do great things for the human race. It’s amazing to watch the rocket is landing safely. How far are we from space tourism? To travel to outer space and back safely?

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