Last Week in 5 Links #69

by | Apr 20, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have a selection of cooking by force, vertical forest from China, TUI’s software accident, C64 Bitcoin Miner and the Eyecam, all handpicked by Attila Csizofszki.

Cooking Chicken by Slapping it

Honestly, I got shocked when I watched this. Some people have way too much time. Who on Earth would try to cook a chicken by slapping it? Anyway, I had a good laugh, so the video filled its purpose. I would put it on the menu as ‘Slap roast chicken‘.

Vertical Forest

I love this! I find the idea amazingly good and creative. I always liked flat-roof buildings with parks and green plants on the top. If I ever build my own house, I will make it an eco-house with lots of flowers and shrubs. A lot of green plants in the home can provide a good ecosystem. The only downside I can see is that you would invest a lot of time in gardening.

TUI Accident

After the software error spotted, TUI manually adjusted the figures in the system, but they forgot to amend all the fights for a given day. The system told the pilots that the aeroplane is 1200 kg lighter than it was. This is just crazy. I wouldn’t think in general that people can die from software errors, but yes. In some industries, it is possible. Scary.

TUI flight on tarmack

C64 Bitcoin Miner

My first computer was a C64 and it is always close to my heart. Most of the time, we played on it. I had a programming book and copied the commands and it was amazing to watch them running. Using a C64 for mining is…unbelievable. Well, it calculates one hash in 5 seconds, so it’s only a joke. Don’t mine with a C64 😉

Image by ralfsfotoseite from Pixabay

The Eyecam

Super weird. This is definitely for fun only and not for daily use. Way too creepy.

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