Last Week in 5 Links #68

by | Apr 12, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have an article explaining blockchain and cryptocurrencies, intel’s new processor, freezing in Majorca, music with rare passion and Unity, all handpicked by Janos Szabo.

From Stone Coins to Smart Contracts

I really wanted to include this article in the selection because this is the first one that explains crypto in a way that everyone can understand. Unfortunately, it is in Hungarian. It explains blockchain, cryptocurrencies, their history and their future opportunities as well.

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Intel Core i9-11900K Review

I am eagerly waiting for when I can post something good about Intel, but the time hasn’t come yet. The new-gen flagship processor from them was a step back, in my opinion. I dug deep, but I haven’t found any reviews or tests that talk positively about the new CPU. Intel performed better with games, but AMD took away this advantage with its last-generation processors.

Frozen Majorca

As Robi lives in Majorca, we always have a small, kind of personal window to the sunny island. Two weeks ago, they had heavy snowfall on the island. Snowing is already unusual there, but in the middle of March, it’s almost impossible. I believe this is just another side effect of global warming.

Photo by Webdexter Apeldoorn from Pexels

André Rieu ft. Gheorghe Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd

I don’t really listen to music like this, but I love when someone is playing its music with real, deep passion. I loved every second of it.

Unity GDC Showcase

Since I work with Unity every day, I’m interested in its new features and updates. The new reel is packed with many new ones, and I can’t wait to see them in action. I also run into kind of unique bugs often, and I hope the new update will have them fixed.

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