Last Week in 5 Links #67

by | Apr 7, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week, we have selected the LotR Gollum trailer, Liam McDonald’s art, The Head’s trailer, Alien trailer (Marvel Comics) and The Queen of Kimchi, Kwang Hee, all by Stephanie Min.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Trailer

First of all, I love Lords of the Rings. I also like the idea of allowing each character to have a big story. Gollum is a tragic figure as his mental and moral weakness curses him and make him dependant on the One Ring. I can’t wait to see the game!

Liam McDonald – ArtStation

His art is fantastic! I like the mixture of science fiction and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere—mossy, green worlds. Very soft, no sharp lines in his early portfolio.

The Head – Official Trailer

I watched this trailer, and it looked good to me. I like shows when thriller mixed with a post-apocalyptic, arctic world. A budget tv movie I watched with the same name turned out good. I also like the fact that the trailer doesn’t give anything away.

Alien #1 Trailer – Marvel Comics

I’m a huge fan of the franchise. Although I don’t really read comics, I will make an exception with this one definitely! Especially as it made by Marvel Comics. I hope it will fulfil the gaps.

Kwang Hee “Mama” Park – Queen of Kimchi

I really love kimchi. I was looking for recipes when I found this gem. This one isn’t only a recipe, but there is a story behind it. She has access to all amazing fresh ingredients. She shows how to make the most premium kimchi.

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