Last Week in 5 Links #65

by | Mar 24, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have Sea of Thieves, a spider swarm escaping the floods, incredibly realistic renders in Blender, three new lifeforms from space and post-Brexit figures on food and drink export, all handpicked by me.

20 Million Players – Sea of Thieves

I remember a few months ago they announced 15 million players, and now it’s 20. Incredible how fast the player base grows for SoT. Although this genre is not particularly my favourite, we play it from time to time with the team, and we always have good fun. I enjoy the multiplayer elements and the fun rather than the gameplay or treasure hunting.

Sea of Thieves ship in a bay with a pirate
Sea of Thieves

Spider Swarm – Australia

Because of the recent floods in Australia, insects are fleeing the water. They are trying to get on any dry surface they can find. I am arachnophobic and I really wanted to read through the article, but THE IMAGES! I skipped them and just tried to read the words. It is so scary thinking about it. One day is fine. The next day, you share your house with thousands of eight-legged creatures. Nononono!

Tiny spider on a leaf
Tiny Spider on a leaf

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I love grilled cheese sandwich, with ham or without it. The butter, the bread and the cheese together has an amazing taste!

New Lifeforms from Space

We are living in a sci-fi movie. Three entirely new lifeforms have been discovered on the International Space Station. These bacteria can help to grow food in space. Mind-blowing!

International Space Station
International Space Station

Post-Brexit Food and Drink Export from the UK

Reading this article made me very upset. I’m not into politics, but I’m pretty sure that people didn’t think about the consequences of leaving the EU market. What happened to the small businesses? What will happen with all those jobs?

Cheese and wine on table
Photo by Ray Piedra from Pexels

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