Last Week in 5 Links #62

by | Mar 3, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have a monitor review, drumming, procedural planets, the first-ever audio recording from Mars and Sir David Attenborough’s warning in our selection, all handpicked by Janos Szabo.

Monitor Review

Hardware Unboxed is one of my favourite channels. They put a lot of effort into providing impartial reviews. They explain hardware parts and concepts really well. The tone they use in their videos is very down to earth, and you can learn a lot from watching their reviews.

Larnell Lewis Drumming Enter Sandman

This resonates with me very much as I love to drum when I have time and the opportunity. He is good. Extremely talented. Enter Sandman was the first song I played on a drum, and even with practice, I wasn’t as good as Larnell Lewis after listening to it once.

Procedural Planets

I loved this video! How to create planets with programming, not with graphic design. On top of that, the complexity is amazing. All the substances (water, soil, rock etc.) and forests, hills, mountains are there as well, just like on our planet.

Nasa – Mars Landing

On the 18th of February, Nasa’s Perseverance Rover landed on Mars. I believe this milestone was a historic moment for humanity. Nasa shared the sounds from the planet, which is pretty cool. The question is when will a human land on the red planet?

Image is by

Sir David Attenborough’s Warning

It was another attempt from Sir D. Attenborough to warn world leaders about climate change. “Please make no mistake – climate change is the biggest threat to security that modern humans have ever faced”, – said Mr Attenborough. I know it is a complex subject but we must do something before we run out of options, before it’ll be too late.

Climate Change

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