Last Week In 5 Links #60

by | Feb 16, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have Life in a day 2020, VS code extensions, dessert masterpiece from Amaury Guichon, the Snowpiercer season 2 trailer and reMarkable 2 in our selection, all chosen by Rudolf Major.

Life in a Day 2020

Watching this made me realise most of my problems aren’t really ‘problems’ compared to others. Watching some of those people working hard and not having the luxury of drinking water or electricity, but still being super happy, it’s just amazing. As we have access to nearly everything, it is harder to feel happy or we lose track of it sometimes. I don’t know, but I definitely recommend everyone to watch this.

Life in a Day 2020

Top Ten VS Code Extensions

I used many development environments during my career, and recently, I used VS Code more until it became my favourite. Easy-to-use and with all the extensions, it can make your life much better. This article collects 10 very useful extensions for it.

Code written on screen

Honey Bee Dessert

I love honey. I use it instead of sugar, more healthy and taste much better. I’m very much into the pastry masterpieces like this video. It is incredibly detailed and professional. Not to mention these bees are super cute and edible!
Honey Bee Dessert – Amaury Guichon

Snowpiercer Season 2 Trailer

Netflix recommended the series many times as it said 98% matching my interest. However, the plot seemed to be a bit… undigestible for me. A train, which is so long that a single engine wouldn’t be able to pull on its own is just unbelievable. On top of that, it goes around the world, even goes through the Himalaya. The trailer just wasn’t enough good. Luckily, my colleagues convinced me to watch the show. It has great characters, and it is worth your time.
Still unconvinced about the super-train 🙂

Snowpiercer Season 2 Trailer – Sean Bean

reMarkable 2

I have been watching this product for a while now. I have been using a generic drawing tablet for years and it is just way too far from giving the same feeling as you use paper & pen. I am really curious about reMarkable 2 as they advertise it to be as close to the real thing as possible. Is it really that good?

reMarkable 2

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