Last Week in 5 links #59

by | Feb 8, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Neuralink Robots, Pixar Graphics’ video channel, heatwave in Majorca and Little Devil gameplay in our selection by Csaba Berenyi.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

EA announced the 4K remaster of Mass Effect games. It is one of my favourite franchises ever. I spent ages travelling the galaxy with Shepard and co. Now all three games come as a bundle, with updated visuals and a ton of fixes. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Neuralink Robot

The promise of Neuralink is equally interesting, amazing and scary for me. This video shows how the device will be implanted into someone’s brain using a robot.
I do think robots are the future of surgery.

Pixar on Vimeo

Pixar Graphics is a video channel where the R&D department of Pixar posts updates about various tech bits. The videos can be maths heavy but still very impressive. I still can’t believe how much rendering has improved in the last 20 or so years.

Here’s an example. Making Souls: Methods and a Pipeline for Volumetric Characters

Is this normal?

Robert has posted an image the other day. In it his thermometer from outside their apartment. It was 39 degrees outside. In winter. Ok they live in Mallorca, but it’s still a bit too high.

Little Devil Inside gameplay

I have been keeping an eye on this game. I seem to be compatible with the visuals. This video is a compilation of all the already published gameplay footage. Looks great!

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