Last Week in 5 Links #58

by | Feb 1, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have Dragonlance Chronicles, Hitman 3, Kokopa’s dev diary, an article about global ice loss and King Arthur: Knight’s tale from NeocoreGames in our selection.

New Dragonlance Trilogy

After settling a very long lawsuit between Wizards of the Coast and Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, they announced a licencing agreement for a three-book series. Dragonlance Chronicles Made a significant impact on my childhood. The characters were well-thought, likeable – even Raistlin. The world was beautifully described. I read the trilogy at least three times now. Can’t wait for the new books.

Read the article here:

Fire-breathing dragon on rooftop
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Hitman 3 Recoups Project Costs in a week

Hitman 3 was released two weeks ago and made it to the top of the UK’s charts immediately. The game recouped its development costs in under a week. The most interesting part for me is definitely the way IOI developed and published the game. As they were the studio and the publisher as well, the different departments – marketing, publishing, creative dev – worked very closely throughout the development.

Read it here:

Hitman 3 silenced pistol
Hitman – IO Interactive

Kokopa’s Atlas Dev

I like the design of the game, looks very cool and the gameplay is super chilled. However, the sounds drove me crazy a little bit :-).
Kokopa’s Atlas

Global Ice Loss

One of the adverse side effects of Covid-19 is that we are not focusing enough on climate change. This article is just a highlight of what is happening while we are working from home or trying to avoid to contract the virus. The ice is melting across the planet at a record rate.

Read it here:

Arctic ice melting
Photo by Jean-Christophe André from Pexels

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

NeocoreGames launched the title’s early access on Steam. If you like King Arthur’s stories, the game is definitely for you. Have a look!

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale NeocoreGames

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