Last Week in 5 links #57

by | Jan 25, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week, we have a selection of PC modding, cooking & food, Unreal Engine and game development, all handpicked by Laszlo Nemet.

Project: Mara

The many details they put into this is amazing! You are not always able to tell which part is real and which part is CGI. And I’m pretty sure some of the scenes can fool you as the CGI looks even better. Project: Mara, by Ninja Theory, explores new ways of storytelling and I can tell, visually they are definitely achieved what they wanted.

Building an invisible Monitor

I love DIY Perks YouTube channel. He makes his DIY projects with quality. I wouldn’t think in the first place that I can actually use the shelf unit above my desk this way. I’ve seen the follow-up one where he builds the PC into the desk as well.

Butter Chicken from Grandpa Kitchen

Watching this authentic cooking video was mouth-watering. The ingredients he used, the way he was cooking – just in the garden next to the chicken’s pen – and how they’ve presented everything made me super hungry.

Victorian Dollhouse PC

I like extreme PC modding videos. This one is…pink. Very pink. I…I believe you need to watch this one to see it for yourself!

FluidNinja – Unreal Project

I cannot imagine how is that possible for someone to code this. Beautiful! I genuinely lost my words on this.

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