Last week in 5 links #56

by | Jan 19, 2021 | FiveLinks

This week we have a selection of programming, movies, tools, Covid-19 and cooking, all handpicked by me.

Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge

Troll Bridge is a short story written by Terry Pratchett in 1991. I read it a long time ago and with many other things he’s produced the message stayed with me for a long time. The promise is a funny story of Cohen the barbarian seeking a troll who lives under a bridge. In true Pratchett style, things don’t go as you’d imagine. Expect to see a talking horse and a half-broken magic sword. It also comes with a massive dose of melancholy, wisdom and gentleness.

This link is the short film version of the story. I can only appraise the makers for the care, attention to detail, love and hard work they’ve put in. And it shows. I would love to see the likes of BBC, Sky or HBO making a grown-up version of Discworld stories instead of the ones already out.

Blender 2.91

I have to admit I was not a fan of Blender. The user interface and the unorthodox user input handling put me off. I did try every major version but eventually gave up. Things have changed, and the Blender foundation started turning it into a real free alternative of the industry mammoths like Maya or 3DS Max.
The 2.91 version has been released back in November and has a ton of new features and improvements.
I am intrigued as to what the future will be for the app.

Rise of the Coronavirus Cranks

I came across this the other day. Sadly COVID is a part of our lives, and it is likely to stay. What frightens me is the amount of noise and misinformation and pseudo-science going around the internet about the virus, its existence or the vaccines.

This article by Christopher J. Snowdon looks into the pandemic’s realities and the factors that can be behind people’s perception shift between the first and the second wave. Fascinating read even though it’s on the long-side.

Apple Pie ++

In this video, Bruno Albouze, one of my favourite youtube cooks, prepares a somewhat upgraded apple pie. Have a look and if you find yourself trying it, let me know.

.NET 5 Improvements

The .NET 5 ecosystem can be hard to get your head around. .NET 5 went live in November 2020. Microsoft is making an effort to replace the Windows-only .NET Framework with an open-source and cross-platform alternative.

.NET 5 is a collection of technologies to support desktop, web, mobile gaming, IoT and AI development. This article from Visual Studio Magazine provides an overview of the changes and features of the platform.

Link to the article:

.NET 5

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