Last Week in 5 Links #49

by | Nov 16, 2020 | FiveLinks

This week we have a selection of global warming, programming, tech, movie trailer and food, all handpicked by Csaba Berenyi.

Recycling Greenhouse Gasses

Researchers found a way to turn carbon dioxide and methane into hydrogen. These greenhouse gasses are the major driving factor behind climate change, and it’s great to see potential ways of solving either the emission or the recycling side coming to light.

Factory chimney emitting smoke
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C# 9

I quite like working in C#, productivity-wise it’s pretty great. The language is keeping up with the times and there are some great features already I really like. I am still getting used to pattern matching and tuples from the 8.0 spec. .Net 5.0.0 has been released recently and it comes with language version 9 features. Records, init only setters look great but I am in two minds about the example of the top-level statements.

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Apple Silicon

Apple held an event where they talked about their new Apple Silicon-based MacBooks. As with any major change in technology, the transition is always interesting. Looking forward to seeing how their performance claims will stand the test of time. It’s worrying though that productivity apps such as the Adobe suite will only be available at some point in 2021 for the platform. This may be causing issues with adoption. We’ll see. We shared two videos about this one showing a more positive vibe the other looking into it from a more critical angle.

The Mandalorian

I am really enjoying the second season. It radiates the same old school western, yet somehow StarWars vibe. It also managed to achieve an impossible feat, the internet seems to be pretty upset with Baby Yoda, which I can relate to. I lifted an eyebrow or two. This video shows an alternative rendition of the Mandalorian and explores what if it was an anime.

Bento boxes

I love cooking, but I am one of those messy cooks. My food tastes great, but presentation-wise I could do with some improvement. This video is on another level. Shows someone preparing very appetising looking lunch boxes and their contents. I am blown away by the attention to detail and presentation skills. Prepare for a great drooling session.

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