Games We played in 2020 the most

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Gaming

Another year passed, and it was interesting to see the list of games the team played the most in 2020.


Generally, I like strategy and competition in games, and StarCraft 2 provides both for the players. It is probably my favourite game, and it is one of the most competitive esport titles despite it is being ten years old. The game still has its massive player base. I really like that it is accurately balanced and entirely centred around the player’s skill.


I want to mention two titles here, CS:GO and Stick Fight: The Game. I chose them for the same reason: you can jump into the game, and you can stop playing at any time. Quick matches and the game isn’t dragging you in for hours. Both of them has a strong social element too.


Well, the most played game for me must be The Call of the Cthulhu. I am a big fan of Lovecraft, and I love the dark taste of his world. The game is a role-playing survival horror (haha, no surprise).


When I play, I usually do that on my mobile. My chosen titles are Chuzzle 2, Peggle Blast and Angry Birds 2. I love the cute characters, the gameplay progress, and most importantly, they don’t require real-time character control skills.


It must be the CS:GO. The game is my all-time favourite: quick matches, fast-paced combat and tons of adrenaline. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012 and still extremely popular.


For me, it was the Spirit of the North. It was fascinating! The main character was funny, various stages and smooth gameplay. Maybe the only downside I can tell that the levels were too big sometimes.


As you probably know, I’m a big fan of VR games. As I love music and rhythm games, I spent a lot of time with Beat Saber. I play it often as a cardio workout.


After a year break or so I gave another try to No Man’s Sky and it is worth every hour. The game completely changed, nothing to do with the original it was after been published. New crafting and building systems, multiplayer option, quests and much more. It is amazing with all the new content. And those living ships!

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