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2019 was a fascinating year in the gaming industry. Long-awaited games arrived, such as Death Stranding, The Outer Worlds, Apex Legends, Borderlands 3, Dirt 2.0 and many others.

As we are all game enthusiasts, we decided to ask the Sponge Hammer team to pick a game and provide a quick word or two about what they liked about it and why they played that particular game.

Here are the games we played in 2019.

János Szabó – Sea of Thieves

We play Sea of Thieves a lot with my brother and my colleagues. I love how game mechanics rely on cooperative gameplay. Whenever you loot, sail the ship or engage sea battle, it’s always an advantage to have a buddy next to you.

Sea of Thieves

László Német – Unravel 2

I liked Unravel 1 back in the day, however, the lack of local multiplayer meant I was not able to play the same game with my daughter together. The best part for me in Unravel 2 was the ability to play it with my child. The game brought us so many happy hours and laughs. The graphics, the environmental design, the game mechanics and the cooperative gameplay made Unravel 2 the best game in 2019 for me. And I haven’t mentioned, that you can play with cats!!!

Unravel 2

Gábor Szabó – Call of Cthulhu

I was really looking forward to a real Lovecraftian game. As the game has multiple endings I want to re-play it soon. The game’s sound design is excellent and it also has some scary animated scenes too. Personally, I think the game itself isn’t flawless, however, the world they’ve created has the best Cthulhu mood ever.

Call of Cthulhu 2018

Csaba Berényi – Control

For me it was Control. I like single-player, story-driven games and Remedy’s latest creation didn’t disappoint. The game’s narrative is based around exploring the Oldest House which is the headquarters and research facility of the Bureau of Control; a government agency tasked with studying phenomena that don’t fit well with reality.

The game starts with the main character arriving at the foyer of the building. She quickly realises that something’s wrong and as games go she gets sucked into investigating the root-case.

I really enjoyed the story, it felt familiar in telling, it had the signature Remedy feel to it, but it was surprising enough which kept me engaged. It was greatly supported by the game’s stunning visual and architectural design. The function and visual difference between various areas, some of the ever-changing environments and the sometimes bigger on the inside concepts enhanced the story’s dark mood. All these made it a great experience for me.

Miklós Hajma – Apex Legends

I chose Apex Legends. Very well thought out character design, absolutely top-notch gunplay, heated online Battle Royale.

Apex Legends

Rudolf Gergely Major – Beat Saber

The game I played a lot this year is Beat Saber. I love rhythm games, especially in VR. It’s good to get up from the PC at the end of the day, let the rhythm catch you and slash all the cubes. The developers release new music packs from time to time, so the number of songs is growing continuously. If it’s still not enough, you can download lot of custom songs made by fans.

Beat Saber

Csaba Horváth – Life is Strange – Before the Storm

One of the games I’ve played this year was Life is Strange – Before the Storm. I really liked the original, which was released in 2016 and this one didn’t let me down either. Even though it was made by different developers.

It’s an adventure where you have to make life choices for your character. Some of these choices are easy and lightweight and some are really hard and serious to make. Just like with the original game, it happened to me that I was staring at the screen for a few minutes before making a really hard decision. With some games, you test your reflexes, your logic or sometimes both, but with Life is Strange you’ll have to face decisions that come from your inner self. This can only be done if the game helps you to connect with the characters, which is perfectly orchestrated here. I would highly recommend to read all the journal entries and try to explore the world as much as possible as this will enhance the experience a lot.

After finishing the original game don’t hesitate to go for this one as well.

Life is Strange

Robert Mucsi-Kurinyecz – Destiny 2

Despite Destiny 2 was released in 2017 it didn’t come my way until Bungie acquired it and with the new DLC, they made the core content available free.

What made me play the game is the environment and the RPG elements. You are exploring when you suddenly find yourself in a battle where you can try to defeat the incoming forces with people you haven’t met before, but you sacrifice yourself for a team effort without any hesitation.
Destiny 2 is beautiful; the way they created the environments is just flawless. Small caves leading you to openings where you can’t even see the ceiling or you suddenly looking into a bottomless ravine. Other stages you can find yourself looking up to an enormous space ship that takes hours to walk around it.

The lights and the colours are amazing, always changing as you explore you never get tired of it.

The only place where the game falls short is the repetitiveness of the tasks and there is no specific lead what you should do at the beginning, you can get lost easily.

Destiny 2

Final words

These are the games we played in 2019 most and we loved every minute. If you have any comment or remark please let us know!

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