Games We Play During the Isolation- COVID-19

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Gaming

As the world slipped into a stage, we have never experienced before, with the curfew and self-isolation, it has become more important how to pass the newly found free time. Locked into our rooms or flats over time can be very stressful. WHO endorsed people in lockdown to stay indoors and play together online, rather than real life. I asked the Sponge hammer team about the games they play during isolation, outside of working hours.

Playing the right video game, you enjoy so much can help you pass the time and ease the stress.

Have a look, and I hope you will find one you’ll like in our list. These might not be the newest titles, but definitely worth the time to try.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game allows you to choose where you will be dropped on the map. One comment from the guys was, with online games, you won’t feel that much the isolation. You are playing with others, chatting, talking, and it does make the difference.

Sea of Thieves

The team is super enthusiastic about the game. The game has a good sense of humour, quirky and massively multiplayer. As a player, you are relying on your crew. It is much easier to team up and play with your team than alone. If you decide to spend time on your own in the game, you can, but it will be significantly harder.


The silent protagonist with the oversized arm become easily likeable if you spend some time with the game. Stylish sword slashings, puzzles, lots of jumps and climbing. Hob has a catchy atmosphere, once you install it, you could spend hours winning over enemies and solving puzzles.

Half-Life: Alyx

Of course that Half-Life: Alyx is on our list. Richly detailed, immersive and stunning part of the franchise. The game is much slower than the run-and-gun originals. Valve has polished the game to a bright sheen, the result of which is an absolute must-play experience.

Plague Inc.

Now, this is a cheeky one as Plague Inc. just came into the spotlight again because of COVID-19. In this game, players must design the most lethal and effective plague possible. The goal was darkly satisfying, killing every human on the planet before they develop the cure for the plague. Today it is more like scary than satisfying due to the outbreak.

Mechwarrior 3

This is definitely not a new title. I put it on the list as I spent literally half a day to make it run on my laptop. I am a big Battletech Universe fan and Mechwarrior 3 was my all-time favourite. It was fast enough, balanced and you still felt you are in an enormous mech. The music fits the game nicely. The game is outdated, no denial on that, however, I still felt the same playing it like 20 years ago.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action role-playing video game. Personally I believe that the biggest strength of the game is the skill system which grants freedom to the player to design the character in literally any way. PoE does take a while to get comfortable with the pace of client input to server response timing but once you do it quickly becomes intuitive and easy.

So these are the main games we play during isolation. I hope you will find one or two to play within the long hours of lockdown.

Let us know which one you liked (or didn’t).

#Stay Safe

#Stay Home


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