COVID-19 Update – March 16

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Business, World

COVID-19 Virus

I wanted to update everyone about our preparations for handling the uncertainty of the following period. We thought through the variables we can control and planned for the eventualities as best as we could. We are in an interesting and somewhat unique position with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. Sponge Hammer is a remote-only service company working with clients and developers all over the world.

Being remote only we do not need to change our working practices. We do not need to adjust or try various working from home methods. We have been doing those since the company’s formation. From this perspective, I expect business to be as usual.

We are, however, somewhat exposed to disruptions in technology we use for communicating between ourselves and with our clients. We have done our due diligence and planning for that eventuality by identifying alternative services and emergency measures we may look into implementing

Handling illness. We have no reservations that even with our practices, we will likely to be infected at some point in the next few months. It means we may need to self-quarantine or in the worst case, end up needing hospital care. Following our internal discussions depending on individual circumstances; people may decide to stop working for a while. We’ll make sure to be in touch with our clients should this happen. In the interim, if people are forced to stay indoors due to self-quarantine or curfew imposed by their countries, they will be most likely to continue working as long as it is feasible. Our health and family comes first.

We are committed to perform our services to a high standard and provide continuity as best we can. Things can and will change rapidly, and we’ll be talking to our clients and developers to find solutions and support for the bumps ahead.

Just like many other businesses, we have not faced such uncertainty before, but I am confident we’ll get through it, learn a lot and emerge stronger. We believe in collaboration, being helpful and generally being nice to each other. In the spirit of that, I would also like to offer to advise on remote work, development or any other area we cover; the methods, tools and practices we use. We have been doing it for years, and we are happy to help. Feel free to reach out.

Best wishes,
Csaba Berenyi
MD and Founder of Sponge Hammer

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