5 Links Anniversary

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We launched our 5 links in November 2019 and since then, we have posted it 93 times. The original idea came from that we are sharing a vast amount of interesting news on our Slack channels, which generates conversations within the team.

Each week someone from the team chooses the articles and explains in a few words why they liked them. It is a perfect opportunity to share our interests and also to get to know the team better through their own words.

Two years passed and we are still running the series, which – I hope – you find interesting.

5 Links Evolution

The original design has changed a lot, and we had many iterations. We are happy with the design we use today.
In the beginning, it was a static image with a counter on it and the logo.

Binoculars - Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels
Our very first 5 links

We changed that to a carousel post, one slide for each article plus the covers.

The next step was a video format. It took a lot of time to figure out the most efficient way. We run the series with the video posts for a while to test it.

Carousel version of 5 links sponge hammer

We also tried a few posts without visuals, just the text, but they failed, so we returned to the carousel version.
Later on, Anett has created the new design that we are using today and I must say, we are happy with that.

Subjects We Talk About a Lot

No big surprise that our articles mainly came from ‘gaming’, ‘tech’, ‘films’, ‘climate change’ and ‘programming’. These are very much aligned with what we do and our values.

Last year in 5 links subjects
Articles we posted

Ohh, and we talk about food a lot because we love to try new food and cook new recipes.

The Future

We plan to continue the series for the foreseeable future, but we might update the design again. For example to a podcast type of 5 links or video format.

We are always trying to implement new ideas or designs to see if it works better for our audience.

The 5 links series adds a lot to the team spirit as we get to know each other better through the person’s subjects. I’d add we work remotely, building personal relationships is harder than in an office, and seeing what interests others have can help to start conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

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